From our first meeting with Hannah we felt that we were in very good hands for the pending birth of our baby girl. Hannah really listened to my hopes for how my birth experience could be the best for me. I was already a Mom of 2 other children and had encountered stress and difficulty during transitional labor with these births, so I was hoping that Hannah would be the person to coach me through all the stages of labor so that I would/could have a fearless and un-medicated birth.

Hannah was an amazing coach that armed me with resource and suggestions before birth, but from the moment my water broke she was there for me as the encourager and friend that I needed.  I love that she was peaceful and calm but also clear and strong in her direction.  She gave my husband the tools he needed to fully participate in our birth experience as well.  

I couldn't have felt more blessed by the birth of my third daughter.  Hannah's suggestions of positions changes, birth balls, instruction for my husband on how to massage my back and all around love and care helped me to feel empowered and capable of birthing my baby. Hannah was my gift from God to help me experience the miracle I had hoped for.  She has a special place in our family's heart, she is a gifted Doula that I would highly recommend to any expectant Mother.  

Our family is grateful for her service,

~The Madden's

Hannah was an amazing doula. She met with us several times before labor and birth to establish a birth plan and answer any questions and concerns about the pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum. She also made herself available through phone, text and email for any questions. I called her when my labor started and she came over, helped guide my husband through techniques to ease my labor pains, and made sure I was as comfortable as possible. She came to the hospital and labored there with us through the delivery and a stayed for a couple of hours postpartum. She provided incredible support for both me and my husband throughout the pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum. Hannah was warm, caring and knowledgeable, and helped me stay focused on what I wanted for my birth process.

~Tiffany G.

I met with Hannah for the first time about 6 weeks ago.  I must admit that I was skeptical and not optimistic.  I had tried yoga in the past and I did not like it nor did I feel any benefit from doing it.   Well, that all changed almost the moment I met Hannah.  She is calm, positive, and clearly knows what she is doing!  She took the time to speak with my chiropractor prior to our first meeting to better understand my issues and current situation.  She came to my house with a plan that I could tell was specifically designed for me.   She walked me through every move and answered all my questions and had me write down everything and made sure I was comfortable with what she wanted me to do.  So, the first few days I was sore and not ‘loving’ the yoga practice she gave me.  However, I was determined to stick it out because I had a feeling that she knew what I needed.  Well, after about 10 days, I looked forward to doing my yoga session each day!!  WOW!  She came back after a couple of weeks to see how I was doing, made a few suggestions and added a few more things.  Again, I felt she added what was important for me and my issues.   She was very encouraging about how much I had improved, and also made a few ‘corrections’ to what I was doing which made me feel good about her wanting to make sure I was doing things right and not hurting my body.   She came back a third time and watched me do my full yoga practice and again was very encouraging and complimentary to the positive changes she was seeing in me.   She also added a few more poses to continue to push me to improve.   The overall results have been very positive (remember, I was not optimistic!) and I truly look forward to doing my yoga.   I really cannot say enough positive things about Hannah and her style, approach and knowledge  - it has been a delight working with her and while my issues aren’t totally resolved, I feel SO much better doing the yoga practice Hannah has given me!!

~Jody K.

Hannah graduated from my 200 hr. Yoga Alliance approved teacher training program at the South West Institute of Healing Arts in Nov. '07. She graduated at the top of her class. She is a natural born teacher. Her background in dance and her innate understanding of the body make her a compelling teacher as she is able to convey clearly and precisely the art of yoga.

Her personality, grace and compassion shine through in her teachings. With her diverse background and skillful knowledge put into action, Hannah would be a welcome addition to any studio . I am honored to have led her on this leg of her journey.


Mary Bruce, Director of YTT SWIHA, 500 hr. ERYT

I have suffered from near constant pain for years, and have tried many other forms of therapy including physical, chiropractic, massage, and drugs.  None of them have done more than help to offer me short periods of time with a reduced amount of pain.  Recently my back went completely out.  The resulting pain was so debilitating that I missed multiple day’s worth of work.  My wife took it upon her self to call Hannah on my behalf and I have been working with her since.  In the time that I have worked with Hannah I have begun feeling better than I have in years, better than I remembered I could.  I have begun living a mostly pain free existence which has impacted all other aspects of my life.  The yoga itself is helping, but it is Hannah that has made it great.  She brings a positive, supportive energy with her that I imagine she takes with her everywhere she goes.  She is very knowledgeable, and she has tailored our sessions with poses that speak directly to my trouble spots.  I find that I repeatedly end our sessions feeling a sense of greater well being and joy and I credit Hannah for much of this.

~Mark G. 


Through yoga, Hannah has helped me achieve a greater level of balance, to become more limber, and most of all she has helped calm me down.  I am someone who finds it difficult to unwind.  However, thanks to working with Hannah I am consistently feeling much more relaxed and much better overall.  Hannah is a very knowledgeable instructor, I enjoy learning the names of the poses.  I appreciate the personal attention that she gives and when I am learning a new pose the little adjustments that she makes really seem to make all the difference.  I find Hannah to be patient and focused on my specific needs.

~Michelle V. 

We had been looking for help for our health and we found you! As athletes and health oriented people for many years, it was not to be easy to find someone who met our criteria, but you surprised us. Your knowledge AND the ability to convey it to us and show us as well was perfect and inspirational. I have been doing the positions and stretches since I returned to Michigan and Mike will be in tonight and we will start again. I was so hoping you would be able to tailor the moves to fit us and our ability and you did. You must have thought about it before you came over. After gardening and lifting heavy things, I would normally be quite sore and stiff but I got into the positions and wished for your soft voice to name them! We will start as soon as we return to Arizona in the fall and thank you so very much.


Kaye and Mike D.

Doing yoga with Hannah helped me in a lot of ways. I started doing yoga because I was struggling with my neck and upper back. I was in a car accident 7 years ago and the pain just seems to keep coming back. It was great working one on one with Hannah so she could create a program that was catered exactly to my needs.  As we were working I became pregnant and continued the program up until my 7th month.  I would have loved to keep doing it until the end of my pregnancy but we moved for the summer.  I always looked forward to my mornings of yoga since I felt so great after.  It was so good to get the flexibility I needed since I was losing it while being pregnant as well as getting my upper back stronger to take away the pain I was getting.  I have been to numerous yoga studios and nothing was like doing it one on one with Hannah.  The studios would never make sure I was in the correct position and they always seemed to do very difficult poses that were an injury waiting to happen.  I would highly recommend Hannah as I believe her yoga practice is great for everyone.

~Angie O.

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