Birth Doula


A Doula is a trained labor coach. I help a woman and her partner to achieve a fulfilling birth experience through educating on the process of labor and birth, helping with relaxation, supporting the mother emotionally, encouraging and teaching the partner how to support, and helping to create a sacred space for the baby to be born into. I am versed in supporting the mother prenatally and offering educational resources, I can offer help formulating a birth plan, I am present for the entirity of the labor, birth, and for 1-2 hours postpartum, and I visit postpartum to discuss the birth. I am comfortable working in the hospital, birthing center, or home setting. I truly believe that the experience a woman has through the birthing process can change her life. I want to help you to have a beautifully empowering experience. I look forward to supporting you through the birthing process.

Free Initial Consultation- to see if I am the right doula for you

1-2 In Person Visits

Unlimited Availability by Phone and Email

Present for Entire Labor and Delivery

1 Postpartum Visit at Approximately 2 Weeks

Written Birth Story


Contact me to schedule your free consultation.  

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