About Hannah


Hannah Conry has been a teacher since the age of 12 when she began teaching jazz and ballet classes at Desert Foothills Dance Studio. In addition she has a BA in Finance from the Barrett Honor’s College at ASU, is a DONA trained doula, registered yoga teacher with 500 hours of training, Nia blue belt trained, Reiki trained, 4th level Touch for Health trained, a trained chiropractic assistant, a senior student midwife and began chiropractic school in Fall 2015. Her ultimate goal is to become a chiropractic midwife specializing in infertility, pre-natal, home delivery, pediatrics, and family medicine. She is married and the mother of two young boys. She enjoys everything to do with environmental preservation, organic and sustainable farming and food, holistic medicine, nature and the outdoor world, small scale community based living, yoga, dance, art, books, and family. Hannah and her family relocated from Phoenix, AZ to Portland, OR Summer 2015.


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